New blog post on Global Health NOW written by David Wofford

Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile: Engaging Corporations on Reproductive Health

Corporations appear willing to make strong, very public stands on controversial issues as never before – most visibly seen in the Super Bowl ads on equal pay, immigration and the environment. In other venues as well, many corporations are also confronting new government policies and making public commitments that go contrary to broader political currents. Something is different.

This moment presents new possibilities for global health advocates to shape the policies and practices of corporations—both at home and abroad, through their suppliers. The global health community needs to ask corporations to do more on reproductive health and rights policy and practice.

In our recent commentary in Globalization and Health, “A Call for Action,” my colleagues and I ask the global health community to think differently about the role corporations can play, through their own operations, in expanding access to reproductive and other health services for both female and male workers.

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