Working with the Directorate of Women, National Solidarity and Family in Burkina Faso and community partners in the Eastern Region of Burkina Faso, the Evidence Project scaled proven approaches to delaying marriage for young girls by raising awareness about the negative effects of early marriage. The approaches scaled were based on evidence generated in a […]

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Journal: Global Health: Science and Practice Authors: Aparna Jain, Kumudha Aruldas, Elizabeth Tobey, Arupendra Mozumdar, Rajib Acharya Abstract:  Introduction: The Method Information Index (MII) is 1 of 18 core indicators used to monitor progress toward achieving Family Planning 2020’s goal of 120 million more women using a modern method of family planning by 2020. The 3 questions of […]

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Journal: Studies in Family Planning Authors: Aparna Jain, Kumudha Aruldas, Arupendra Mozumdar, Elizabeth Tobey, Rajib Acharya Abstract: Bruce’s quality of care framework, developed nearly three decades ago, brought needed international attention to family planning services. Various data collection efforts exist to measure the quality of contraceptive services. Our study validates two process quality measures and tests their predictive […]

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Journal: Population and Environment Authors: Karen Hardee, Kristen P. Patterson, Anika Schenck-Fontaine, Sebastiaan Hess, Craig Leisher, Clive Mutunga, Cheryl Margoluis, Cara Honzak Abstract: Using 2016 household survey data from Tanzania, we define and measure resilience within the context of Population, Health, and Environment programming and quantify the link between resilience and family planning. We created a multicomponent model using confirmatory factor analysis in a structural equation modeling […]


Presented at PAA 2019 Austin, Texas April 2019 Authors: Doaa Oraby, Nesrine Salama, Mohamed Essam, Maryam Essam