This toolkit contains social behavior change materials in Arabic on family planning and reproductive health. The fliers, posters and booklet are suitable for use by peer educators, workplace infirmary nurses, university infirmaries, clinics, or as workplace health education materials.


Civil society plays an important role in the provision of high quality family planning programs. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are often involved in expanding services, raising awareness, generating demand, and advocating for an improved enabling environment to ensure women and men have full, free and informed choice to determine whether and when they have children. […]

Resource Guide

The ambitious FP2020 goal of providing family planning services to 120 million more women and girls that emerged from the Family Planning Summit in London in 2012 has refocused attention on the need to ensure that family planning programs respect, protect and fulfill individual’s human rights and that programs are implemented using a rights-based approach.  […]


Paper presented at the 2017 IUSSP session “Pursuing Frontiers in Population and Human Rights,” Cape Town, October 31, 2017 Presenter: Karen Hardee with March 10, 2017