In Cambodia, there has been considerable investment in improving the well-being of factory workers. Understanding the key stakeholders and their roles in improving worker health is essential for policy change and ensuring that interventions achieve sustainable, long term impact in and around the workplace. The Cambodia Worker Health Coalition (WorkerHealth) set out to understand the […]


Existing information on GFWs’ barriers to health services has generally come from project implementation documents or general baseline studies of these projects, rather than independent, rigorous studies that specifically examine the health needs and health seeking behaviors of workers. Since previous studies did not include specific indicators related to workers’ health needs and health seeking […]


Background: Side effects is one of the leading causes of contraceptive discontinuation worldwide. Research on side effects has focused on the physical manifestations like headaches, moodiness, abdominal pain and menstrual irregularities. Less well known is how side effects influence women in terms of their daily lives. Study Purpose: To understand the ways that side effects […]


Case Study

This brief presents key lessons from the environmental movement on effective strategies for driving changes in corporate policies and practices and creating new mechanisms for holding business accountable for environmental impacts. Corporate policies and voluntary and ‘soft law’ standards may be unfamiliar to many women’s health advocates, but they are likely to have increasing importance in the years to come. There is much to learn from the experiences of the environmental community.


Presented at FP2020 Kenya CSO Meeting Presenter: Karen Hardee March 10, 2017