This easy-to-use flip chart can be used for counseling by physicians, nurses or community outreach workers in Arabic speaking countries. It covers several health related topics from childhood to old age with a special focus on premarital examination, maternal health and family planning. Guiding points are listed on a page facing the counselor while the […]


Study findings reveal that many Kenyan women living with HIV are comfortable receiving family planning services from community health volunteers and with proper training and support, community health volunteers have the potential to provide integrated FP/HIV services. Community-based integrated FP/HIV services could help connect women living with HIV who want to prevent or postpone a […]


This research brief explores the contraceptive use dynamics among 412 married women in India who received a postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device (PPIUD). The women were interviewed within one month of starting the method and again at a three-month follow-up. These preliminary findings should be of interest to program designers, policy makers and health service delivery […]

Case Study

Women of reproductive age in Cambodia, and many other developing countries, comprise a large part of factories’ workforce. Integrating family planning and reproductive health information and services into factories can improve workers’ health and help countries achieve FP2020 commitments. This case study looks at the process of how the Cambodian Ministry of Labor and Vocational […]