RAISE Health is an initiative to improve the health of women and men factory and farm workers in developing countries through changes in global and corporate policies and workplace practices. Effective management of workplace health is good for companies and workers alike, resulting in better health and morale, better labor-management relations, empowerment of women, and […]

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Journal: Cochrane Review Authors: Laureen M Lopez, Thomas W Grey, Alison M Stuebe, Mario Chen, Sarah T Truitt, Maria F Gallo Plain Language Summary:  Hormonal and nonhormonal birth control during breastfeeding Birth control for women who are breastfeeding is important worldwide. Delaying the next pregnancy improves the health of women and children. Each year, millions of women […]

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Journal: Global Health: Science and Practice Authors: John Ross, Consultant; Jill Keesbury, The Evidence Project; and Karen Hardee, The Evidence Project Abstract: The method mix of contraceptive use is severely unbalanced in many countries, with over half of all use provided by just 1 or 2 methods. That tends to limit the range of user options and constrains the […]

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Since the early 2000s, the Standard Days Method (SDM) of family planning has been tested, introduced, and scaled up in countries around the world. SDM is a fertility awareness-based method for avoiding unprotected intercourse during the fertile period, days eight through 19 of a woman’s menstrual cycle (for women whose cycles range from 26 to […]

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Journal: Cochrane Review Authors: Laureen M Lopez, Thomas W Grey, Mario Chen, and Janet E Hiller Plain Language Summary:  Programs to improve birth control use by postpartum women Most postpartum women do not have the birth control they would like. Teens often get pregnant again within a year. In earlier work, we found few randomized trials on […]