Presented at IUSSP 2017 Cape Town, South Africa October 2017 Authors: Iqbal Ehsan, Laura Reichenbach, Aparna Jain

Working Paper

It is important for governments, aid organizations, and researchers to understand how developing communities respond to climate change and how their efforts can be improved within a framework of resilience thinking. This review explores the definition of resilience and, more specifically, community resilience and its components, then presents four case studies of community response to […]


The business guide, How Businesses Can Invest in Women and Realize Returns, is co-authored by the UN Foundation, the Evidence Project led by the Population Council, and BSR’s HERproject. The guide encourages corporate leadership and showcases how companies can take action in the field of women workers’ health and empowerment. It highlights current investments from […]


This interactive half-day session which took place at the 2017 International Population Conference provided participants with an overview of RU and why it is important, practical examples of how the Evidence Project has incorporated RU into its activities to promote research uptake into family planning and reproductive health policy and programming, and a working session to […]