Family Planning Financing Mechanisms: Systematic Reviews on Vouchers and Conditional Cash Transfers

© 2010 Sumon Yusuf, Courtesy of Photoshare

In December 2012, representatives from over 20 donor agencies came together to identify key gaps in family planning research. A central gap identified by the group was the need for more and better research on family planning financing mechanisms. Participants recommended that existing knowledge be consolidated and used to develop a global research agenda on family planning financing.

Guided by this consensus, in July 2014, the WHO commissioned a series of systematic reviews on family planning financing to synthesize the global evidence and provide a foundation for developing a research agenda. The Population Council/Evidence Project are conducting two of the five reviews — on vouchers and conditional cash transfers. The Evidence Project is also participating in the WHO advisory committee for the activity, which will support the compilation and utilization of the review results.