Men as Family Planning Users

This activity seeks to add to the knowledge base of the role of men as users of family planning through a review of recent and current activities, programs, and evidence, including those that address gender norms affecting men’s use of male-controlled family planning methods.

The Evidence Project/What Works Association is mapping which organizations/institutions are conducting programs and research in low- and middle-income countries in the area of men as users of contraceptive methods: vasectomy, condoms for dual protection, Standard Days Method, and withdrawal. The project is also synthesizing documentation of these interventions and describing variations in approaches among programs with successful family planning and gender outcomes. Based on this analysis, programmatic and intervention research recommendations will be developed to address knowledge gaps.

The mapping and synthesis of current work, along with recommendations for further intervention research, will enhance family planning programming and policymaking efforts by highlighting the need to engage men as family planning users in addition to addressing gender-based norms and behavior that hinder family planning use.