Meeting Report

Engaging the Missing Link: Evidence from FALAH for Involving Men in Family Planning in Pakistan

Male engagement in family planning is widely recognized as an important programmatic component. It is especially relevant in countries like Pakistan where fertility rates remain high and family planning use is low due to a host of factors that include gender inequality and men’s dominant role in family decisionmaking.

The Population Council Pakistan, as part of the Evidence Project, synthesized the existing evidence from both national and international sources and developed a set of research documents highlighting the importance of involving men in family planning efforts in Pakistan. On June 16, 2015, Population Council Pakistan convened a National Consultative Meeting in Islamabad to share the findings of these important publications and provide evidence-based recommendations to major stakeholders who are directly involved in shaping population and health policies and programs. The aim was to stimulate thinking and build consensus on a renewed male engagement strategy as part of the Plan of Action to be adopted at the National Population Summit to be held in November 2015.