Evaluation of the HERhealth Intervention in Bangladesh: Baseline findings from an implementation research study

BSR’s HERproject is a collaborative initiative that strives to empower low-income women working in global supply chains in 14 countries worldwide. One of the HERproject’s three pillars is HERhealth, which seeks to improve the health-related knowledge and behaviors and access to health services and products of low-income working women. In Bangladesh, HERhealth specifically addresses reproductive health and family planning needs.

BSR asked the Evidence Project/Population Council to conduct an implementation science study assessing the effectiveness of BSR’s HERhealth model in Bangladesh.  This study is one of the first studies of female garment workers in Dhaka to explore SRH-related outcomes while controlling for respondents’ sociodemographic characteristics. This brief presents findings from the baseline survey, with useful insights into the characteristics, knowledge, and experiences of female garment factory workers in Bangladesh.