Investigating the feasibility and acceptability of Sayana® Press self-injection in Ghana

At the request of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the Evidence Project, through the Population Council and with funding from USAID/Ghana, is studying the feasibility and acceptability of Sayana® Press self-injection, and by extension, informing its introduction in Ghana. The primary objectives of the seven-month study are to assess the feasibility of introducing Sayana® Press self-injection and its acceptability among both health workers and injectable clients. Results from the study are expected to inform the national strategy, including procurement and scale-up of Sayana® Press in the public and private sectors.

The Ghana Health Service has a strong commitment to task shifting to accelerate access to modern contraceptive methods. GHS’s commitment to engaging all relevant stakeholders in the public, private and NGOs sectors in the study process provides an excellent model for maximizing research utilization.