Prévention du mariage d’enfants dans la région de l’Est, Burkina Faso

Working with the Directorate of Women, National Solidarity and Family in Burkina Faso and community partners in the Eastern Region of Burkina Faso, the Evidence Project scaled proven approaches to delaying marriage for young girls by raising awareness about the negative effects of early marriage. The approaches scaled were based on evidence generated in a study conducted by the Population Council between 2013-2016 in Leraba Province, Burkina Faso. In this study, delaying the age of marriage for girls aged 15-17 and promoting school attendance among girls aged 12-14 through community dialogues was most effective in areas with high child marriage practices. From July 2016 to December 2017, the Evidence Project collaborated with partners in Burkina Faso to replicate proven community awareness activities tested in this study.

The report “Prévention du mariage d’enfants dans la région de l’Est, Burkina Faso” details lessons learned from implementing community-led activities to delay the age of marriage for girls aged 12-17 in Eastern Region of Burkina Faso. Experience from Burkina Faso provides insights on how to successfully implement proven child marriage prevention interventions in areas with high early marriage practices. The report is available in French.