Workplace Clinic Management Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by Business for Social Responsibility in partnership with the Evidence Project to produce better health and business results from existing workplace health and wellness investments, allocate resources more effectively, and address high priority needs of women and men workers.

The toolkit is focused on both the quality of health services provided at the workplace and the adequacy of company policies and management systems to ensure that workers have access to health services.

Resources for Management:

A self-learning training of 3 modules (15-30 minutes each) that takes management through what managing health means and how to implement good practices. The modules can be taken at any time and contain links to additional resources and templates.

  • Module 1 – Managing health services
  • Module 2 – Self-assessment and planning
    • Includes content covered under ‘Resources for Health Staff’
  • Module 3 – Budgeting for health
  • Business case for investing in workplace healthcare

Resources for Health staff:

A video series (5-8 minutes each) that takes health staff through the process of conducting a self-assessment of health services to identify priority areas for improvement and develop an action plan.

  • Video I – Physical facility, products, equipment and material
  • Video II – Referral, provision of care, education and counseling
  • Video III – Facility policies and procedures
  • One-page manual on ‘Doing a self-assessment’