Situational Analysis of the Private Sector in the Delivery of Family Planning Services in Egypt

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The Evidence Project/Population Council conducted a study to understand and identify opportunities to expand the role of the private sector in family planning service delivery in Egypt. The study involved a review of the published and gray literature and secondary analysis of 2014 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey data, including a market segmentation analysis to identify sociodemographic and economic characteristics of women who could be effectively served by private providers of family planning.  The study also looked at government and donor country strategies for the private sector, and policies that address the role of the private sector in family planning service delivery.

To supplement the desk review, the researchers interviewed private sector providers, married women of reproductive age, and key informants from the public and private sectors to identify opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions for strengthening private health sector involvement in family planning in Egypt.

The results of the study will be shared with various stakeholders in Egypt through a comprehensive report, a summary of key results, and a round table discussion at the end of the project.