What Works for Women and Girls?

What Works for Women and Girls: Evidence for HIV/AIDS Interventions is a critical resource in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Available on a searchable website (www.whatworksforwomen.org), this comprehensive resource synthesizes the vast research literature on HIV/AIDS program interventions to provide clear evidence of what works in improving a range of HIV outcomes for women and girls. A comprehensive synthesis of the evidence base of successful outcomes gives policymakers, programmers, and donors the foundation with which to prioritize, develop, evaluate, and fund HIV programming for women and girls.

What Works for Women and Girls includes findings from over 450 interventions in nearly 100 countries, referencing a total of about 4,000 citations. What Works for Women and Girls has been accessed from more than 100 countries, with an average of nearly 3,000 visits per month. The resource has been widely used to inform programming around the world, including National Strategic Plans and Global Fund Concept Notes.

Under the Evidence Project, the What Works Association is revising and updating the website by adding new data, studies, and findings, including those presented at the 2014 International AIDS Conference. The Association is also revising and updating the treatment section of the website and a brief on HIV treatment, and is translating the brief “Scaling Up Evidence-Informed HIV Prevention for Adolescent Girls and Young Women” for dissemination to non-English-speaking audiences.